IPVanish vs VyprVPN Comparison

IPVanish vs VyprVPN: Speed, Streaming & Torrenting Comparison in 2021

Are you looking for an updated IPVanish vs VyprVPN comparison?

When it comes to streaming capabilities, when winner between IPVanish and VyprVPN is clear…

But how do these two vpns compare in other aspects like connection speeds, torrenting as well as security?

In this IPVanish vs VyprVPN comparison we are going to compare these two vpns and see which one is a better vpn overall.

I hope that by the end of this VyprVPN vs IPVanish comparison, you’ll be able to choose between either IPVanish or VyprVPN.

Let’s get down to it.

Here is a quick summary.

JurisdictionUnited StatesSwitzerland
StreamingNetflix US, Hulu, AmazonNetflix, Hulu, Amazon, iPlayer
TorrentingP2P serversAll servers
Kill SwitchYESYES
Works in China?NOYES
Pricing$ 6.49/month$ 2.71/month


IPVanish, to begin with, is a VPN company that enables to your access the internet securely and unblock geo-restricted content on platforms like Netflix.

Here is a detailed IPVanish review.

VyprVPN, on the other hand, is able to provide you anonymous internet access as well as censored content in internet restricted countries like China.

Here is the link to an in depth review of VyprVPN.

Server Collection

In terms of server collection, which vpn between IPVanish and VyprVPN has more servers than the other?

The more servers a vpn has the more options you get when you want to choose a server to connect to.

Also if servers are more evenly spread across different continents, it increases the chances that you’ll find a server nearby for every country that you want to connect to.

IPVanish, at the time of writing this VyprVPN vs PrivateVPN comparison, has a total of 1,300 servers that are based in 75 different countries.

VyprVPN, on the other hand, only has 700 servers that are spread over 70 countries.

It is therefore clear that even though VyprVPN has fewer servers in general compared to IPVanish, they do a better job of spreading their services over a wide geographical region.

If you want a vpn that has servers based in more countries, then IPVanish has a slight edge over VyprVPN in terms of their total server count as well as the countries that they cover.


I started by saying that one of these vpns is better for streaming than the other.

Let’s now compare IPVanish vs VyprVPN streaming capabilities to establish the one the unblocks the most streaming platforms.

According to recent vpn usage stats, streaming entertainment content online is the favorite activity of most vpns users.

So it is rightfully so that every vpn is trying to outmatch the other when it comes to streaming.

IPVanish, at the time of writing this vpn comparison, is able to unblock content on Netflix for the US.

This should rather be expected because this vpn is based in the US.

However, IPVanish failed terribly when I tried to use it to access content on other platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime and iPlayer.

VyprVPN, on the flip side, is able to unblock Netflix libraries not only for the US but also for other countries like the UK, Canada and Brazil.

In addition to Netflix, I was also able to use VyprVPN to stream content on Hulu, iPlayer as well as Amazon Prime.

It is therefore clear that VyprVPN has better streaming capabilities than IPVanish.

If you are looking for a vpn that will unblock the most video streaming platforms then I recommend VyprVPN instead of IPVanish.


Which is the faster vpn between IPVanish and VyprVPN?

Before writing this IPVanish vs VyprVPN comparison in 2021, I connected to three different servers and then used speedtest.net to test for download and upload speeds.

I connected to servers based in the US, UK and Hong Kong and then tested the before and after download speeds.

Here is what I discovered.

IPVanish had speeds that were consistently 84% of my original download speeds on average for the three serves.

VyprVPN, however, registered slower download speeds that were only 79% of my original connection speeds.

Since I consider a great connection speed to be at least 80% of my original speeds, I would rate VyprVPN connection speeds as rather average.

If you are looking for a vpn that delivers faster connection speeds, then clearly IPVanish has an edge over VyprVPN.

IPVanish will deliver faster download speeds.


You don’t want to be caught torrenting copyrighted material.

Law enforcement is dealing a heavy hand on copyright infringement offenders and you don’t want to end with a heavy file or jail time just for downloading a stupid torrenting file from the internet.

In order to stay safe, never start downloading any torrent file before first connecting to a vpn server.

You need to ensure that you hide your real IP address so that your torrenting activities cannot be traced back to you.

So let’s now compare VyprVPN vs IPVanish in terms of their torrenting support.

IPVanish currently supports P2P file sharing on their servers but only if you connect to their special torrenting enabled servers.

In order to access the torrenting servers you’ll need to click on the torrenting tab in the servers list and then choose the appropriate torrenting server that you’d like to connect to.

VyprVPN, on flip side, supports torrenting activities on all their torrenting servers.

So you don’t need to connect to any special P2P servers before you start your downloads… any server will do.

Even though IPVanish might offer you better download speeds, it appears that VyprVPN has better support for torrenting activities than IPVanish because all their servers are P2P optimized.

If you are looking for a vpn that is great for torrenting then I recommend VyprVPN.

Privacy Policy

True privacy and anonymity on the internet is becoming harder to come by these days.

Even vpns that promised to provide private internet access nowadays keep logs of your internet usage which beats the whole point of using a vpn.

So if you want to stay anonymous online, you must do your due diligence and see which vpn collects as little activity logs about you as possible.

Let’s now do an IPVanish vs VyprVPN comparison to establish which of the two vpns will really provide you with true privacy online.

IPVanish is based in the United States which is far from being a privacy friendly place to base a vpn company.

Nevertheless, IPVanish is concerned about your online privacy and states in their privacy policy that they do not keep any logs about your internet usage.

However, IPVanish could do a better job by mentioning what exact logs they don’t keep and what they keep.

We know all vpns keep some logs… c’mon guys.

VyprVPN, on the flip side, is headquartered in Switzerland which is a privacy friendly location.

Switzerland is great for a vpn company, first because it does not form part of the 14 eyes countries surveillance alliance and also because this country does not have mandatory data retention laws that obligate a vpn company to keep logs.

In addition to that, VyprVPN spells out clearly in their privacy policy that they do not keep logs of your IP address, connection timestamps or bandwidth usage.

It therefore means that they do not have any logs on their servers that could be used to identify you.

If you are looking for a vpn that is honest and open about their no logs policy then I recommend VyprVPN instead of IPVanish.

Encryption and Data Protection

How does a vpn protect your data online?

A vpn ensures the security of your personal information by encrypting it and making it unreadable to anyone who would intercept and want to see the actual information.

In order to achieve this, vpns use the best encryption technologies out their.

So what encryption technologies does IPVanish and VyprVPN use?

IPVanish and VyprVPN both an AES 256-bit encryption technology that is impossible to crack.

This 256-bit encryption is also used by top government agencies to encrypt sensitive classified information before transmission.

In addition to these encryption technologies, vpn also use connection protocols to ensure that you data is safely transmitted over the network.

IPVanish supports a number of vpn connection protocols that include OpenVPN, L2TP, SSTP and PPTP.

VyprVPN also supports OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec and Chameleon protocol.

The Chameleon protocols is particularly used when you need to access internet in restricted countries like China.

Overall, both IPVanish and VyprVPN offer secure internet access.

If you are looking for a great vpn for security online, then either VyprVPN or IPVanish is a great option.

Ad Blocker

Ad blocking is becoming a very common functionality in vpn apps these days.

This is because most people are growing sicks of aggressive advertising on most websites that lead to a poor user experience.

Most people also don’t want businesses tracking them and following them with a particular ad on every website that they visit online.

So how does IPVanish vs VyprVPN compare in terms of their ad blocking capabilities?

IPVanish, unfortunately, is completely lacking in ad blocking capabilities in all its desktop and mobile apps.

IPVanish also lacks a malware blocker that can protect your devices from being infected by malware on known phishing websites.

VyprVPN, on the flip side, has an inbuilt vpn ad blocker in their apps.

Once turned on, this ad blocker enables you to disable ads in most websites and enjoy an ad free browsing experience.

In addition to this ad blocker, VyprVPN also has a NAT firewall that is also capable of blocking malware from known malware infected websites that you might visit.

If you are looking for a vpn with an ad blocker then I recommend VyprVPN instead of IPVanish in 2021.

Dedicated IPs

If you connect to the internet normally using a vpn like IPVanish you’ll be assigned a random IP address that is shared among other internet users.

This is a way for vpns to ensure that no particular IP is tied to a particular individual.

Once an IP can be tried to you, it is easy to also trace certain activities carried out with this IP back to you.

However, there are times when you need a dedicated IP for example if your want to access your home security camera feed remotely.

In this case, you’ll need a dedicated IP address that you can whitelist in your application before you can have remote access.

IPVanish and VyprVPN, unfortunately, do not support dedicated IP address.

So you won’t get a dedicated IP address that is unique to you and is not shared by anyone else.

If you are looking for a vpn with dedicated IPs then neither IPVanish nor VyprVPN will help you.

You could consider other vpns like NordVPN or CyberGhost.

Kill Switch

In order to ensure that you are always anonymous online, always ensure that all your internet traffic is encrypted and channelled through your vpn tunnel.

Even though this happens by default anytime you connect to the internet through a vpn service…

…there are times when you get exposed, albeit for a few seconds when your vpn app disconnects from the server.

It could be when you are switching servers or when your internet connection drops.

A kill ensures that anytime your vpn app disconnects from the server, you won’t be able to access internet until the vpn app reconnects.

This ensures that those few seconds when your IP would be exposed do not occur.

IPVanish and VyprVPN all have automatic internet kill switches that will ensure you only access the internet when connected to a vpn.

So even if you are were running a torrenting client in the background and your vpn app disconnects, your torrent client will have to pause and wait until your vpn app reconnects in order to protect your IP from being revealed.

If you are looking for a vpn with the best kill switch then I recommend either IPVanish or VyprVPN.

Split Tunnelling

You’ll need to split tunnel when you want some of your applications to be exempted from your vpn tunnel.

This could be the case for apps that are sensitive to the changes in IPs caused by vpns or application that you don’t want affected by the drops in speeds cause by a vpn.

Most vpns apps have an inbuilt split tunnel that enables you to whitelist certain applications and exclude from your vpn tunnel.

It means that these applications will have their traffic routed as usually through your internet service provider.

Internet access through these applications is transparent to your ISP and do not benefit the added encryption and privacy that a vpn provides.

Unfortunately, neither IPVanish nor VyprVPN has a split tunnel that you can use to whitelist your apps.

So once you are connected to a vpn, all your traffic encrypted and forced through your vpn tunnel and their no way around that.

If you are looking for the best vpn for a split tunnel then I don’t recommend either VyprVPN or IPVanish because neither of them has this feature.

Works in China?

Will you be able to use IPVanish or VyprVPN in China?

Let’s now compare IPVanish vs VyprVPN in terms of their abilities to bypass the great firewall of China.

China is one of the countries, like Russia and UAE, where internet is heavily controlled by the government.

In these countries access to some websites is completely.

In the meantime, they also don’t want you to use a vpn to bypass this content censored and will aggressively detect and block any vpn traffic that is used to circumvent this content blocking.

In order for either IPVanish or VyprVPN to be able to access the internet in China, each needs to make their vpn traffic look like normal https traffic.

This way, they’ll be able to bypass the deep packet inspection technology of the great firewall of China.

IPVanish, because of this reason, is completely blocked in China and cannot work.

VyprVPN, luckily, has technology that is capable of bypassing China’s firewall and enabling your internet access.

In order to access internet in China using VyprVPN, you first need to change your protocol from OpenVPN to the Chameleon protocol.

With this protocol, you’ll be able to access all censored content in China without being detected and blocked.

If you are looking for a vpn that works in China then I recommend VyprVPN.


How much does IPVanish and VyprVPN cost?

As we near the end of this VyprVPN vs IPVanish comparison in 2021, let’s look at their pricing to see which is cheaper between the two vpns.

IPVanish has a 1 year subscription plan that will set you back $ 6.49/month while VyprVPN has a 2 year plan that costs $ 2.71/month.

Clearly, VyprVPN is cheaper vpn overall compared to IPVanish.

It also offers you a longer subscription plan that saves the hassle of renewing accounts every year as compared to IPVanish.

If you are looking for a vpn that will save you some bucks then I recommend VyprVPN.

Payment Options

If you want to give as little identifying information about you as possible, then you should sign up for a vpn and pay with an anonymous payment method.

Since anonymous payments like Bitcoin do not require your billing address, you’ll avoid giving your street address that can be used to find you out.

In that case, it is better to sign up with a fake email address and then pay with some Bitcoins.

So let’s finish this IPVanish vs VyprVPN comparison by looking at the various payments options that these two vpns will provide you.

I am particularly interested in support for anonymous payment methods like cryptocurrencies or gift cards.

Both IPVanish and VyprVPN currently only support payments through credit cards and PayPal.

Unfortunately, none of these vpns support Bitcoin payments.

If you want a vpn that supports cryptocurrency payments then you have to look elsewhere since neither of these vpns support crypto.

You should consider NordVPN or CyberGhost.

In Conclusion

I hope this IPVanish vs VyprVPN comparison has helped you learn about the pros and cons of these two vpns.

Are you now ready to make choice between IPVanish and VyprVPN?

If you are looking for a cheap vpn that unblocks the most streaming platforms, supports torrenting on all servers and works in China then I recommend VyprVPN.

However, if you are willing to pay a few more bucks for a vpn with great connection speeds, has more servers and supports more connected devices then I recommend IPVanish.

Have you used either IPVanish or VyprVPN before?

Please share your experience in the comments below.

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