TorGuard Review What You Need to Know

TorGuard Review 2022

Is TorGuard really great for torrenting?

Most people confuse the TorGuard vpn to be related to the Tor browser.

TorGuard vpn has completely nothing to do with the Tor browser since they are completely different software developed by different entities.

The “tor” in the word TorGuard is derived from torrenting, which signals to the main pro of TorGuard vpn.

TorGuard review home

A vpn for “tor”renting…

In order to find out what exactly this popular vpn has to offer you, I took a one month subscription and tried it out.

So in this 2021 TorGuard review, we’re going to look at the TorGuard pros and cons.

I hope that by the end of this TorGuard review you’ll be able to decide for yourself whether TorGuard is the best vpn service for you in 2021.

Before we dive into a detailed review of TorGuard, here is a quick summary of what I found out on TorGuard.

TorGuard is a vpn service provider based in the United States that enables you to access the internet securely and anonymously.

Using TorGuard, you’ll also be able to unblock popular streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu, using a special subscription for streaming.

TorGuard review quick features

Torrenting is the main TorGuard pro as you’ll be able to torrent from any of their servers at relatively stable speeds.

Let’s now take a more in depth review of TorGuard vpn.

Remember TorGuard also offers other servers like email and anonymous proxy, but in this TorGuard review we’ll stick to TorGuard anonymous vpn.
JurisdictionUnited States
StreamingNetflix, Hulu, Amazon, iPlayer
TorrentingAll servers
PrivacyZero logs
Pricing$ 5/month
Free trial7 days

How many servers does TorGuard have?

The more servers a vpn service has the better their services should be as there will be less congestion on the servers.

How many servers does TorGuard have as of the time of writing this TorGuard review?

TorGuard has a collection of 3,000+ vpn servers based in 55 different countries.

TorGuard review server count

One interesting thing about these servers is that they are relatively evenly spread across continents. I could find a couple servers in Africa as well as Indial.

I think it’s for this reason you’ll be able to get rather steady speeds even for distant servers… as we’ll see in a bit.

So TorGuard is particularly great if you want to avpn service that will avail a nearby server for you in almost any continent you visit.

This is especially great for digital nomads.

But let’s now see how these servers perform for an average TorGuard vpn user.

Does TorGuard unblock Netflix?

Will you be able to watch your favorite Netflix shows with Netflix?

In addition to secure internet browsing, another reason most people purchase vpns is to be able to stream georestricted content online.

This ranges from streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer etc.

It is when it comes to streaming that I realized something strange… something I haven’t seen any other vpn do.

TorGuard review server list

First of all the answer is NO.

With a regular TorGuard vpn subscription you won’t be able to unblock any of the streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu etc… all their IPs are blocked by these platforms.

However, TorGuard gives you an option to purchase an additional dedicated IP on top of your regular plan.

These dedicated IPs will be able to unblock all of the online streaming platforms in the US and UK.

With a dedicated IP, you’ll be able to unblock Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO among others.

Seems like their dedicated IP is quite powerful as most vpns really struggle to unblock all of these platforms at once.

If you are looking for a vpn service that will let you stream Netflix without paying extra then don’t buy TorGuard.

TorGuard review servers by location

Here are the best vpns for Netflix.

However, if you don’t mind paying a little extra, TorGuard’s dedicated IPs give you the best shot so far at unblocking the most popular streaming platforms.

In fact, if you get an IP address that does not unblock any of the platforms, you simply email support and they supply you with another IP that will unblock that particular streaming service.

Is TorGuard fast enough?

For most vpns, it is okay if your speeds drop a little bit when connected to a vpn.

However, if the connection drops to an extent that your normal browsing is really slowed down, I’ll really be concerned about that vpn.

So, how did TorGuard fare with my speed tests?

I tested TorGuard connection speeds using by connecting to three different servers based in the USA, UK and Hong Kong.

Here is what I found out.

Before connecting to TorGuard, my download speed was 22.76Mbps while my upload speed was 4.64Mbps.

TorGuard review speed tests initial

First, I connected to a USA based server.

For the US server, my download speed dropped to 20.29Mbps while my upload speeds increased to 5.20Mbps.

TorGuard review speed tests US

How about the UK based server?

As for the UK server, my download speed dropped to 21.16Mbps while my upload dropped further to 3.67Mbps.

TorGuard review speed tests UK

Lastly, I connected to a server based in Hong Kong.

While downloads dropped to 18.27Mbps, upload speeds increased to 6.75Mbps.

TorGuard review speed tests HK

From these speed tests, TorGuard maintained at least 80% of my original connection speeds regardless of the server I connected to.

For me, those are great connection speeds… in fact, it’s for this reason that TorGuard made it to the list of the best vpns for speed that I tested.

If you are looking for a vpn that will let you watch both HD and 4K videos, then I recommend TorGuard.

Does TorGuard allow torrenting?

Everytime I review a vpn I must talk about their ability to torrent.

So in this TorGuard review in 2021, we’re going to look at TorGuard’s ability to support P2P file sharing and whether it’s completely private and anonymous.

TorGuard review sort servers

First of all, if you don’t want to get into trouble, never torrent files without a vpn.

Antipiracy laws are getting tougher and tougher each day, with heavy fines and jail time for convicted offenders.

Secondly, always ensure that the vpn you use does not keep logs like IP addresses that could be traced back to you.

Now that that’s out of the way, let me confirm that as of writing this TorGuard review, TorGuard anonymous vpn supports torrenting on all of its servers.

Torrenting is the main strength and pro of TorGuard.

While torrenting files through TorGuard, I experienced very stable download speeds… even though the speeds were not the fastest compared to other vpns.

Add this to the fact that TorGuard does not log any information about your IP, connection timestamps or bandwidth usage…

TorGuard review connect

I can confidently say that TorGuard is the best vpn for torrenting if you want complete anonymity.

Some vpns like HideMyAss allow torrenting but log your IP address… 

So what’s it going to be, speed or safety?

You decide.

Does TorGuard keep logs?

What is TorGuard’s privacy policy?

When it comes to no logs policies, sometimes it’s best to take everything with a grain of salt because some vpns that claim to not log any user data have handed over user logs to the FBI and department of Homeland Security before.

Is TorGuard vpn clear about what information they keep and what they don’t?

First, let’s begin with the jurisdiction.

TorGuard is based in the United States, not a very privacy friendly country.

TorGuard review information collected

In fact, the USA is a founding member of the 5 eyes countries that, together with Australia, Canada, the UK and New Zealand, spy on and surveille their citizens and share this information amongst each other.

According to the data retention laws in the US, a vpn service is obliged to provide user logs anytime a court asks for it.

So the question is… does TorGuard have logs to hand over in case that happens?

TorGuard’s privacy policy states that during signup they only collect information about your email address for correspondence purposes.

They clearly state they do not even keep your credit card details.

Because it also supports cryptocurrencies, you can go completely anonymous by paying with Bitcoin, Etherium etc.

In addition to that, TorGuard does not log your data when you are connected to their servers.

TorGuard review no logs policy

Even though TorGuard is based in the US, you have nothing to worry about as they don’t log any data that can be used to identify who you are.

If you want a vpn service that is true to their word about no logs, I recommend TorGuard.

That being said, I read TorGuard’s terms of server and privacy policy documents back to back but couldn’t any specific no logs information apart from the rather vague “we don’t log any of your data” claims.

We know vpns logs user data.

If TorGuard could come clear on what they keep and what they don’t keep, they would make life easier for everyone.

Interestingly, their documents are more concerned about what you can’t do with TorGuard instead of calming our nerves by mentioning exact words like IP address, connection timestamp, bandwidth usage, DNS queries…

They’ve decided to keep us in the dark.

What encryption does TorGuard use?

In order to ensure your personal information is securely transmitted and protected, a vpn must employ the use of the best encryption algorithms and connection protocols.

What encryption algorithms does TorGuard use in 2021?

TorGuard review advanced settings

First, TorGuard uses the NSA recommended, industry standard 256-bit encryption algorithm that is bullet proof.

In fact, this is the encryption used by governments and militaries to encrypt sensitive classified information.

While this is the case, TorGuard also lets you choose other encryption algorithms that are much faster like 128-bit encryption and Blowfish 128-bit encryption.

On top of that you also get to use some of the best and most secure vpn connection protocols like OpenVPN.

Everytime you launch your vpn app, you’ll get to choose the encryption and protocol you want to use.

TorGuard review auto connection settings

So you’ll get an option to connect to OpenVPN (UDP) and OpenVPN (TCP).

Apart from OpenVPN, you’ll also be able to use other connection protocols like OpenConnect, L2TP/IPSec and IKEv2.

All these encryptions and connection protocols ensure you have secure connections that cannot be hacked.

But even if a hacker hijacked your traffic, they won’t be able to decrypt the packets and see the real data.

If you are looking for a vpn with top notch encryption and data security, I recommend TorGuard.

Does TorGuard have an ad blocker?

Can TorGuard block ads from displaying on your notebook?

Adware usually comes in various forms, including those videos that do start playing automatically either in the bottom right or left corner of your screen.

While these sites make money by displaying these ads, some of them are very intrusive and you might wanna block them.

Let’s see how TorGuard performed with ad blocking in this TorGuard 2021 review.

TorGuard, being one of the most feature rich vpn services in 2021, has a very powerful ad blocker that will prevent these video ads from displaying while browsing the internet.

In fact, after turning it on, I was able to completely disable these ads and have an ad free browsing experience.

If you want a vpn service that has a great ad blocker, I recommend TorGuard.

Does TorGuard have a kill switch?

Your internet access is only secure as long as you are connected to the vpn server.

Because some internet connections are not steady, your connection often drops a number of times during the day… often without you even realizing it.

The bad news is that, when your connection drops, your vpn disconnects and your real IP address is revealed.

If you were streaming Netflix, for example, this would lead to a proxy error or if you were torrenting your ISP would immediately see this… which could possibly get you into trouble.

One way to ensure your internet connection is always vpn encrypted is to use a vpn kill switch.

Fortunately, TorGuard has an inbuilt kill switch that when turned on, will disconnect you from the internet anytime your internet connection drops.

TorGuard review kill switch

By blocking your internet access, this kill switch ensures that you only access the internet when the vpn connects again.

In fact, it takes things even further by providing an app kill list in case you want to specify only particular apps whose connections must be cut.

It’s similar to the split tunnelling feature you’ll find in NordVPN that lets you whitelist or blacklist certain apps for the kill switch.

TorGuard’ kill switch is especially important when torrenting as you dont want your real IP being revealed when downloading copyrighted material or doing P2P file sharing.

So if you are looking for a vpn that provides a powerful kill switch, I’d recommend TorGuard.

IPv6 leaks, DNS leaks and WebRTC leaks tests

If your DNS queries are run through your ISP, they’ll be able to know the particular websites that you visit.

In order to guarantee anonymity a vpn should run your DNS requests through their own proprietory servers.

I used to test TorGuard from leaks in IPv6, DNS and WebRTC.

TorGuard review IPv6 leak tests, DNS leak tests & WebRTC leak tests

As you can see in the screenshot above, my DNS requestions are not run through my ISP… instead, TorGuard use their own DNS servers to ensure that my queries are anonymous.

Also there were not IPv6 leaks nor WebRTC leaks.

Does TorGuard work in China?

China, Russia and UAE are some of the countries where internet usage is not only censored, but the use of vpns is banned too.

This presents two problems for vpns to resolve at the same time.

First, be able to bypass the censorship and access this restricted content and then be able to do this without it being detected that you are using a vpn.

TorGuard review STunnel

Luckily this a major TorGuard pro as it’s been proved to have very powerful stealth features.

Using TorGuard’s STunnel and OpenConnect vpn protocols, TorGuard is able to bypass China’s great firewall and access all restricticted content and websites in China.

All while not being detected as a vpn.

OpenConnect vpn protocol particularly is able to disguise vpn traffic by modifying headers to make them look like normal https traffic.

This way you are able to fly under the radar and not be detected.

TorGuard review stealth proxy servers

TorGuard anonymous vpn works in China.

So if you are looking for a vpn that you can carry with you China or use to access Chinese tv channels, then TorGuard anonymous vpn is the vpn for you.

What does TorGuard cost?

TorGuard is a premium vpn service but how much does it cost?

From what I have discovered, most vpn pricings don’t vary much in their monthly pricing… the kicker comes when you choose a long term plan.

TorGuard review pricing

The longer the plan, the greater the discount.

So, what does TorGuard has to offer in terms of monthly pricing and discounts?

TorGuard offers 4 distinct pricing plans.

A 1-month plan costs $9.99.

3-month plan costs $19.99.

6-month plan costs $29.99.

12-month plan costs $59.99.

Compared to other vpn plans, these are rather great discounts and are completely favorable to the budget buyer.

For completely anonymous torrenting with steady speeds, you only pay $59.99 per year.

I would have loved to see more long term plans like 2 or 3 years because when committing myself to a premium vpn I like the prolonged plans.

TorGuard review connect

Either way, I’d recommend TorGuard vpn for you if you are looking for a rather cheap vpn service in 2021.

However, if your main reason for purchasing a vpn is to stream Netflix, then remember you’ll have to purchase a dedicated IP separately for this.

Your dedicated IP will be able to unblock all Netflix streaming regious, together will all other streaming platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer etc.

In fact, if you purchase a dedicated IP and it fails to unblock any of the sites, TorGuard says you can get another IP address that works.

I think TorGuard’s dedicated IPs is a perfect way to get an IP that unblocks all streaming sites in all regions.

Your regular TorGuard subscription will NOT stream Netflix.

However, if you don’t want to have to pay extra in order to stream Netflix, Hulu or iPlayer, then I’d suggest these best vpns for Netflix in 2021.

What payment options does TorGuard have?

Once you decide you want to buy a TorGuard plan, what options do you have to make your payment?

Apart from the popular credit cards and payment platforms, TorGuard supports a huge collection of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Etherium among others.

TorGuard review payment methods

If you want complete anonymity, you could even sign up with a disposable email address and pay with some bitcoins.

This way nobody gets to know who you are.

TorGuard is one of the few vpns that support crypto currencies for payment.

Does TorGuard offer refunds?

What if you purchase a TorGuard plan and realize you don’t like what you bought…

Can you get your money back?

All TorGuard vpn premium plans come with all the features together with a 7 day money back guarantee.

TorGuard review quick features

This means you have 7 days to test drive TorGuard from the time you buy it and decide if you really want to keep it.

If not, you just email support and ask for your money back.

From what I have seen in the forums, TorGuard will just process your refund without taking you through hoops and jumps.

TorGuard could do better by offering 14-30 days guarantee periods, just like other vpn service providers do.

Overall, 7 days is still something anyway… After all, there are many other vpns that also only give you 7 days money back guarantee.

Can you try TorGuard for free?

Does TorGuard have a free trial?

What if you want to try TorGuard for free without risking any money upfront, can you?

TorGuard offers a free 7 day trial on their website.

TorGuard review free trial

The process of getting access to this 7 day free trial is rather interesting…

So if you want to try this vpn before commiting yourself, you can get 7 days where you have access to all the premium features, evaluate it then make your decision.

How many devices does TorGuard support?

For most people, they’ll need to share a single vpn subscription across multiple devices in order to secure them too.

It is rather obvious because in this day and age, we access the internet from anywhere… smartphones, notebooks, pcs, tvs, routers etc.

TorGuard review main benefits

So two questions: what devices does TorGuard support and how many devices can you connect at the same time?

First, as of writing this TorGuard review, TorGuard supports all the major operating systems.

It comes with dedicated apps for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS.

You’ll also get guides on how to configure Amazon Fire TV, routers among others.

Apart from these devices, TorGuard also has browsers extensions for Chrome and Firefox for protecting your internet access via browsers.

Remember that the browser extensions only protect your browser and not other apps on your device.

As to the number of connected devices…

TorGuard allows upto 5 connected devices at the same time.

This is not great because some vpns allow 6-10 devices connected at the same time which enables you to share your plan with more devices.

TorGuard review home

Some vpns like Surfshark even allow unlimited connected devices.

Anyway, for most people I think 5 simultaneous devices is still rather good as they might not have such a huge collection of devices to secure.

Some just want to secure their smartphone and notebook.

If you want to be able to connect more than 5 devices, you can always purchase additional TorGuard connections.

Does TorGuard offer live chat support?

For the majority of users, setting up a vpn connection is rather a simple and straightforward process.

In fact, just with a few guides online, you’ll be able to pretty much install and troubleshoot most vpn connection problems.

TorGuard has a great collection of tutorials and guides on the TorGuard support website to help you install your apps, troubleshoot and configure any device, including the routers.

However, sometimes the fastest way to resolve a vpn connection problem is to talk to a human being through live support.

Does TorGuard offer live support?

TorGuard review customer support

I have read on a number of reviews online that TorGuard offers very fast 24/7 live chat support.

I really don’t know where they get this information because the last time I checked the TorGuard website, there is no live chat support at all.

It’s either these reviews were written a long time ago, or the writers simply don’t know what they are talking about.

TorGuard review support

When you visit the TorGuard support page, the only prominent support option is through their support email.

Just within one hour of emailing support, I was able to get a response.

But the lack of live chat support is a very major TorGuard con in 2021.

In Conclusion.

From this TorGuard review in 2021, TorGuard is clearly one of the best vpns for you if you care so much about connection speeds.

  • 3,000 servers
  • Netfilx, Hulu, Amazon
  • Fast speeds
  • Torrenting allowed
  • Zero logs
  • Dedicated IPs
  • Kill Switch
  • Works in China
  • Bitcoins accepted
  • Ad blocker
  • Only 8 devices

While there are a lot of TorGuard pros and cons, the main TorGuard pro that stands out is its support for torrenting.

It is particularly a great vpn for torrenting if you want a completely secure and anonymous torrenting experience.

TorGuard review server count

With a lot of setting options available, TorGuard is best for you if you want a vpn that gives you very granular control of your connection settings and preferences.

NordVPNNetflix, Hulu, iPlayer P2P servers6$ 3.49/m
SurfsharkNetflix, Hulu, iPlayer P2P serversUnlimited$ 1.99/m
ExpressVPNNetflix, Hulu, iPlayerAll servers5$ 8.32/m

Have you used TorGuard vpn before?

Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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